Episode 100 - Sojo Show Special: Celebrating 100 Episodes of God's Faithfulness

🎙️ Celebrating 100 episodes and beyond! 🚀 


We want to express our deepest gratitude to every one of you who has tuned in, shared our episodes, and become a part of our podcast family.  


This achievement isn't just a number; it's a reflection of this community that has formed around The Sojo Show and, of course, Sojo Academy. Week after week, your support, kind words, and eagerness to tune in have fueled our commitment to delivering content that inspires all of us to grow closer to God.


Jen and AJ started the podcast almost two years ago and today we are celebrating one hundred episodes + a spattering of bonus episodes TOGETHER!


“ I feel it’s important to recognize that we're all doing this life, this messy, messy life together, and it's not always going to be beautiful. I think authenticity is really missing a lot of time.“



Throughout these past few years, Jen and AJ were vulnerable enough to share their own mistakes and some of the pitfalls they've encountered. Which is perfect for the goal of the podcast –  growing, learning, and overcoming together.


And today is pure nostalgia. They are reflecting on the past two years and 100 episodes, remembering the stories and of course the MANY laughs shared. So many bloopers were created, from the underwear/laundry stories and saying bad words to meeting up the morning after Christmas to record the episodes together (they live 7 hours apart, by the way!).


Besides the great memories, they also shared how the podcast has grown or changed them over the last two years and some favorite episodes from our members and why. You won’t want to miss it!


Favorite episodes from our lovely audiences:


> Allison. “I listen pretty much every Monday morning. My favorite is the one where Jen explains about her Fruit of the Spirit revelation.” > Listen to the episode here <


> Julie said that her all-time favorite episode was when AJ shared about her growing-up years. Sometimes the Lord will heal someone from anxiety, and sometimes He will give us the grace to endure it.  > Listen to the episode here <


> Diane: her favorite episode is the first one she ever heard. She said the game changer for her was to set a goal.


> Nicole said the very first episode was the one she liked the most because as well because she discovered how much fun the show was going to be and yet how rich and encouraging the discussions are for her Faith Walk. 


> Kara says she doesn't have a favorite, but she enjoys when Jen and AJ  get together and the natural banter they have. “You make us laugh, relate, and feel comfortable, then bring it all together into some profound, enriching truth”


> .Alyssa:  the episode that stood out to her the most was “Freedom from People Pleasing”, and the podcast blessed her by being able to listen to the word while still caring for her littles. > Listen to the episode here <


>  Debbie says: “I love the banter between those two. I'm blessed by the podcast because it guides me to know more about God.”



This is really why Jen and AJ are here, why they’ve done this for the past two years: to point towards Christ.


AJ says, “We are imperfect.

We are not eloquent. 

We say things wrong, 

We're silly

 But our heart is to not take any attention for ourselves. It is to point our own hearts and anyone who listens to the beauty of Christ. And hopefully we did that.”  



AJ’s favorites:


Episode 14: A  big word and a simple truth. 

Where they talked about the word propitiation and what a beautiful truth it represents in terms of Jesus being the sponge that absorbs the wrath of God.


> Episode 30: The underestimated power of meekness

It was a reminder that meekness is not weakness. It is the opposite. Meekness requires tremendous strength and it's only through the power of God that we can live a meek life.


> Episode 44: Culture, identity and submitting to God's authority.

It was timely and Jen and AJ were bold to say things that went against the norm.


> Episode 61: Circumcision: Trusting God when he asked 

A great reminder of living weak and the power of God’s strength in the midst of our weakness.



Jen’s favorites:


> Episode 4, Learning to Love the Proverbs 31 Woman


It was a blessing to recognize that the Proverbs 31 woman is an ideal woman. And it's something that we are not necessarily able to live up to.


> Episode 32: Seeing beyond your painful past into the face of a loving father. 

This is when AJ shared her childhood story, and her journey of healing. Still one of our most listened to episodes because it is such a powerful episode about healing.  


> Episode 46: Living a significant life. 

It was our introductory episode on the book of Colossians, a rich and theologically deep book on the supremacy of Christ. Even if we are seemingly insignificant in the world's eyes, we can have a big impact for the kingdom when we trust in Him. 


> Episode 59: Crossing the Jordan and setting up stones.

An episode to remember the faithfulness of God and how much easier it is for us to trust God when we hear others recount those stories of faithfulness



Jen and AJ’s shared favorites:


> Episode  73:  Bronze Serpent and the Cross

There was a lot of funny in it, but there was a lot of just the solid truth of looking to Christ. 


> Episode  77: Rebuilding Broken Walls: Lessons from Nehemiah

This story reminds us that we can turn to Him in our pain. And always trust Him no matter what. Remembering to place your faith in Him no matter what.


If you have time to go back and revisit these episodes in December, we believe God will speak to you as you listen. We have really been honored and blessed to be in your ears. It's a responsibility we do not take lightly. And If you run across a podcast episode, whether it's ours or somebody else's that you feel like would bless and encourage someone else, share it! It's super easy to share and we can bring light to someone’s life!


We have some exciting things to share. So we do hope that you will tune in to the podcast for December. And consider joining us at Sojo Academy as well.


We are excited about what 2024 is going to bring!


But for now, we have an extended blooper reel for you. Keep listening!



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