Episode 32 - Seeing beyond your painful past into the face of a loving father

“ This is one of those things that affected my eyesight for a long time… even into adulthood. And God has walked me through a process of tremendous healing.” - AJ


Free Scripture Reading Plan on Overcoming Anxiety!

The Scriptures listed in this plan are so important to learn and memorize. We pray that it helps with your daily plan of being in the Word. 

Have you ever felt like life is “just too much?” Or like you can’t handle all the world is throwing your way? Well you’re in the right place! During the month of August we are starting a new series and we will be discussing anxiety, how to overcome it and how to calm our soul in a chaotic world.


In today’s very special episode you’ll hear:  


  • AJ’s story of her very long journey of healing with God; 
  • How to cling onto the healing God offers instead of falling back into old  mentalities


… and so MUCH MORE.


This is a very raw and vulnerable episode with AJ, in which she shares about her childhood trauma. It comes with a trigger warning as it may be sensitive to some audiences. 


We all have things that trigger our anxiety. And a lot of those have to do with the circumstance that we're currently in. Either a job, relationship, finances, or even just LIFE. But sometimes it’s things that have occurred to us in the past that were either completely out of our control or sometimes of our own making. 


These things can change the way we view the world. Jesus actually talked about that. He said in effect, “If your eye is healthy, then your whole body is gonna be healthy. But if your eye is damaged or defective, if you can't see properly, then your whole body or your whole being is going to be affected by that.”


Remember, we as Christians, have extra weapons to use that the world does not have! We are not immune to hardship… But we are promised the PEACE and VICTORY of Christ.



If your eyesight has been damaged by life or others, AJ’s story can help you see the catalyst to start a genuine healing journey is trusting God and not leaning on our own understanding.  Trust God with all your heart. 


Your story is not over yet.


God is greater than the worst thing that's ever happened to you or the worst pain you’ve ever experienced. It’s a promise.


If you have a story that you just feel you need to share, we are here to hear it. You are free to email us at hello@sojoacademy.com. You're not a bad person for experiencing anxiety and we will pray for you.  


For Further Study

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  • We encourage you to download a wonderful free resource while you listen to the podcast episodes.

    It's a free Scripture Reading Plan on Overcoming Anxiety! The Scriptures listed in this plan are so important to learn and memorize. We pray that it helps with your daily plan of being in the Word. 


“It's somewhat normal  to be anxious and yet there is hope for us who know Christ Jesus.” - Arabah Joy.


“It was the wooing of my heart by a God who knew how to speak to a broken child. He pursues us exactly how we need Him to” - Arabah Joy.




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