Episode 35 - When life doesn’t meet your expectations

August 2022 - Social Media (21)

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Ann Swindell The Path to Peace Book

This month we are talking about anxiety, the biblical responses to anxiety, and the way the Word can direct us in both healings and in just managing the normal aspects of life! We hope you are enjoying it!


Today we have a special guest joining Jen: Ann Swindell.

Ann writes Christ-centered courses and she’s the author of The Path to Peace Book! She lives in West Michigan with her pastor-husband and their children.  


With such a special guest, we are excited to share that in today’s episode you’ll discover:


  • What to do when you feel angry, afraid and hurt by the fact you are living a life you didn’t sign up for. 


  • What to do when life seems too much to handle.


  • How God used a really painful season in Ann’s family to gently pull her back from false expectations she had about life;


  • How Ann second thought her relationship with God and how He drew her again to the truth of the gospel.


  • About crying out to God when life goes all wrong (listen to what God spoke to Ann when she went to Him)! 


… and MUCH MORE! 


Tune in to this raw episode with beautiful reminders and encouragement that we are promised that there will be trouble. But Jesus doesn't leave us in the middle of our overwhelm and fear and trouble. He’s always with us to help navigate those painful times and life’s disappointments.


For the women who are listening: this episode can help you know where to turn and where to find answers. And spoiler alert, the answer is really going to the One who created us and who saved us, and who CAN deliver us.


 For Further Study

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Meet our guest:

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 Ann Swindell and her writing have been featured widely by The Gospel Coalition, Risen Motherhood, (in)courage, Proverbs 31 Ministries, and other publications. She is the owner of Writing with Grace and holds an MA in Writing from DePaul University and an MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing from Seattle Pacific University. Ann lives in West Michigan with her pastor-husband and their children.  


Connect with her below:



  • Study the Truth About Anxiety in more depth with a 4-week Bible Study Bundle with a full Bible Study, a printable Bible journaling kit, Scripture reading and writing plan, and BONUS videos FIND IT HERE.



  • Go listen to the episode about peace  HERE!


  • We encourage you to download a wonderful free resource while you listen to the podcast episodes.

    It's a free Scripture Reading Plan on Overcoming Anxiety! The Scriptures listed in this plan are so important to learn and memorize. We pray that it helps with your daily plan of being in the Word. 


“When you get to the point of expressing to God your fear,  it’s the very beginning of healing. And recognizing where I am in comparison to where God is and what I actually do deserve.” - Jen Evangelista.


“What healed me in the best sense ‘this isn't the life I signed up’, was reading the scripture. And I was reading about the lives of these men and women in the Bible. It was reading about Moses and reading about Ruth and reading about Mary Magdalene and reading about Paul.” - Ann Swindell 

“God does not expect perfection. His heart is for us to follow and trust and obey. And when we do that, He can carry us through anything.” - Ann Swindell


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