Episode 37 - Accelerate your Spiritual Growth

All of us in one way or another go through seasons in our lives when we're not necessarily seeing consistent growth. Maybe that’s you right now. Perhaps you’re at a different level in your spiritual walk than you want, but you’re not sure how to get where you want to be. 


(Spoiler Alert!) The answer is simple: 


To grow on a spiritual level, you need to go back to the simplicity of Christ.


And that’s what the new series in September is about: BACK TO the BASICS! We’re going back to the simplicity of the Word, the gospel, and Christ. 


In today’s episode you’ll hear: 


  • Crazy analogy between football and this month's series! (Jen did a great job with it, it’s a must listen for sure!) 


  • About the fundamentals of our spiritual growth.


  • A beautiful reminder for us to not neglect the Bible!


  • Practical tips and benefits for getting back to the basics with the Spiritual Disciplines  (solitude, silence, hospitality, and more!)


  • Everything about the Spiritual Growth Accelerator - SGA 2022 coming SOON!



… and MUCH MORE! 


ANNOUNCEMENT! You read it here first! In October, we are taking 28 days with a group of women to literally work through four powerful spiritual disciplines. It’s a hands-on, online event called the Spiritual Growth Accelerator!


It begins on October 3rd, 2022 and we will run through four different spiritual disciplines using something called habit stacking.


We're going to learn about habit stacking and will stack each of the disciplines in a very doable and rewarding way. 


Plus, you’ll learn in a community with others, including Jen and AJ. You’ll discover how spiritual habit stacking can really transform your growth.


When you join us for the accelerator, you are going to get a 28 day very detailed discipleship guide, live meetings, teaching from well-known Bible teachers and much more.


Ready to learn more about how to accelerate your spiritual growth?


Visit sojoacademy.com/sga







  • We encourage you to download a wonderful free resource while you listen to the podcast episodes.

    With this FREE resource, you will discover:

    - The key to experiencing steady, ongoing spiritual growth

    - Practical ideas for next steps you can take TODAY to gain momentum

    - 5 tips for making time to invest in your spiritual development. And MORE!



Even if you don't join us in October for the Accelerator, you NEED these tools in your life! Here’s what happened in women’s lives the last time we did the Accelerator:   


“Just the way that you two put together the accelerator program… I don't know what it was, but it did it, it clicked. Every morning I have this ‘aha’ moment that I'm so excited for! If I can do it and fall in love with it, I would strongly encourage everyone just to give it a try, because it's amazing- it's just something you have to experience!


“It works. Creating habits and doing it again and again and again… it works. So my advice would be to just do it. Everybody wants spiritual growth - that's what Jen and AJ said we'd get out of it. And as usual, they did not disappoint!”


“It's helped me to, um, sort of go a little bit deeper. I've always, always been just a surface person. I didn't think I had it in me to ever be able to delve into anything and to learn by myself. If nothing else, it's a wonderful exercise in commitment and dollar to a donut, you're gonna get more out of it than what you expect or even think you can get!”



These reviews are just a few from our past Spiritual Growth Accelerator participants. We had such overwhelming feedback, we can’t wait to see what happens this go round! Hope to see you there!


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