Episode 38 - The Simplicity and Significance of Scripture intake

Do you remember the first verse of the Bible you memorized? 


There are many ways that we can get the word into our heart. A lot of people don't even realize that scripture reading is different from scripture study. 


There's scripture memorization. 

There's scripture meditation. 

There's listening to the scripture. 

There’s drawing the scripture. 


There's a lot of different ways for Bible intake, however really getting the Word of God in you is critical and one of the basic spiritual disciplines that we all need to be practicing because of its benefits. 


If you listened to last week's episode, you heard a few of the benefits of Scripture intake. But one important one is that the word of God is true, inherent and all we need. 


In today’s episode you’ll hear: 


  • Different ways for Scripture intake and why it's important. 

  • Tips for reading the Word. 

  • Difference between knowing Christ and the Bible itself. 

  • A snippet from guest Kim Campbell about how to dive into the Word.


… and MUCH MORE! 




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“The word of God is true and inherent. It is all sufficient. It is all we need. Christ is all we need.” - Jen Evangelista


“The Bible is sufficient, period.” - Arabah Joy.


“The Word is crucial to the spiritual health of our lives as Christians.” - Kim Campbell


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