Episode 39 - How Journaling helps you know God

How are you feeling? What's going on in your own life?


We’re asking this because surprisingly, today we're talking about one of the basic Spiritual disciplines we think EVERYONE needs to get back to: journaling.  


The Bible tells us to examine ourselves, our heart. If we can't slow down long enough to acknowledge how we are feeling, what’s going on internally… time to really think through, “why am I doing this?”, “why did I respond to anger in that?”, then we're not truly examining ourselves. And journaling is a tool to help us slow down and examine.


In today’s episode you’ll hear: 


  • The reasons why we should journal.


  • How journaling can help you slow down and examine yourself. 


  • How journaling helps you process your deeper spiritual issues


  • A snippet from our SGA guest Lisa Apello about deepening your walk with Christ through the practice of journaling. 



… and MUCH MORE! 


Journaling doesn't have to necessarily even be writing. It can simply be bullet points, doodling, drawing, or even painting! As long as you can figure out what you were meaning to document and you're working through it in your head.  


One of our favorite reasons to journal is to remember. Remembering the faithfulness of God and the word of God.  Sometimes we, as fallible humans, tend to forget, and if we record, if we've done the first part of recording what God has done for us in our lives, then we can go back through and it can become a record of remembrance. 



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“If we're not taking the time to slow down and really think through those things, then we're not examining ourselves. And journaling is a tool to help us slow down.” - Arabah Joy. 


“Journaling slows you down instead of just reading (the Bible) and passing through and then shutting it. It slows you down to really dig into the word and pull some of that out as you meditate on what God is showing you.” - Lisa Appelo


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