Episode 40 - Talking to God in a unique way

Are there any interesting or unique ways that you have prayed for your kids?

Welcome back! Today we are continuing in our series on “Back to the Basics” and we're talking about PRAYER.


In today’s episode you’ll hear: 


  • How prayer can truly transform your life

  • Discussion about the power of prayer.

  • What to expect about the Spiritual Growth Accelerator (SGA) coming up;

  • A snippet from our SGA guest Rachael Adams about how walking forward in obedience in the areas of prayer can transform us.


… and MUCH MORE! 

Prayer should be a means to be with God, our way to communicate with Him, and to get to know Him on an intimate, personal level.

Prayer is one of the habits we will be addressing in our Spiritual Growth Accelerator, which starts on October 3rd. Inside the accelerator, we will have a lot of tips, strategies, and hands-on implementation for a unique experience you won’t want to miss.  



Surprise Early Bird BONUS!

In preparation for the Accelerator, when you join before Tuesday, September 27th at midnight, you’ll receive our 5-Day Create Your Space Challenge for free, yay! This challenge will help you create a beautiful and unique space where you can meet with God each day during the Accelerator. 


Hear what some of our past students have to say about the Spiritual Growth Accelerator:



Ready to learn more about how to accelerate your spiritual growth?

Visit sojoacademy.com/sga



  • We encourage you to download the Spiritual Growth Companion Guide below.

    With this FREE resource, you will discover:

    - The key to experiencing steady, ongoing spiritual growth

    - Practical ideas for next steps you can take TODAY to gain momentum

    - 5 tips for making time to invest in your spiritual development. And MORE!



“God never fails to follow through. I think it's so important to begin in this place, knowing that God hears our prayers and answers them .” - Rachael Adams

“Despite any second-guessing, I do believe in the power of prayer, and as unfathomable as it may seem, God allows our prayers to impact the world. We see the significance of prayers offered on behalf of others over and over again in the Bible.” - Rachael Adams


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