Episode 51 - BEST OF 2022: 10 Practical ways to settle your anxious heart

Welcome back to the Sojo Show! IT’S already DECEMBER! 


In this episode we mention having  some great things planned, so you’ll want to stick with us throughout the month and into the new year! December is a great month for looking back a bit before moving forward. 


So this month we will reintroduce you to some old episodes that are listener favorites! Maybe you missed these or maybe, If you're anything like us, you've already forgotten what happened last month. Right? Here’s your opportunity to listen again and have a refresher!


Today’s episode is from August 2022 where we give 10 practical ways to combat anxiety in our lives. 


Anxiety is not the final word. It is not who we are.  Our anxieties, fears, insecurities, doubts, or all of the negativity we live with on a day to day basis, whether internal or external are NOT permanent. They’re not the final word. And we can shift our focus from the here and now to heaven and to the spiritual dimension that is there.


We have the tools to battle it and in today’s episode we share some practical steps you can take as you are facing this holiday season.


There are always temptations and opportunities to be anxious in our lives. Going into 2023, we think what you’ll hear on this episode are great reminders, wherever you are right now during this holiday season. 


And if you need a break from the Christmas music, this would be a great opportunity to encourage your soul. So sit back and enjoy this episode.




Further Resources


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