Episode 62 - How to make your own stones of remembrance: ideas from Sojo members


Today‘s episode is a special one. Say hello to our beautiful Sojo members as they join us to discuss how they remember the Lord's works in their lives. This will also give you a very small glimpse inside our membership for Christian women, Sojo Academy!


During the month of January, we did a Bible study on Joshua chapters 1-6 and we had a Member Mission. 


Wait… hold up. Mission?


Yep! We just introduced to our members a few new perks in our monthly membership. Our Monthly Mission is one of our new additions, designed specifically to help you put God’s Word into practice! It is an implementation exercise at the end of each month in which we participate in a specific challenge to help implement what we're learning.


Our member's mission this month was on creating Stones of Remembrance. Ok, hold up again, what are stones of remembrance? This comes from Joshua 5, and is a way to commemorate God's faithfulness in our lives. And we've talked about Stones of Remembrance on the podcast, go back to episode 59 to learn more! It’s a good one *wink face*


For us, the Monthly Mission on stones of remembrance has been so encouraging. The women inside Sojo Academy came up with very creative and powerful ways to remember God's grace in our lives. 


If you need some encouragement and ideas on how to make your own Stones of Remembrance, then this is the episode for you. 


Sarah implemented her challenge by involving her children and husband. It will inspire those of you listening that have children. You can incorporate just about anything you're doing in your Bible study to involve your children, which not only encourages them, it feeds your own soul to see your children yearning after God as well.


Nicole used little tiles and beautiful markers she got from her husband to write how she came to faith in Christ, how she has stumbled and fallen, how God has disciplined her, and more. She used the questions found in Sojo Academy to record specific instances in her life when God answered a specific prayer.


Kim shares how she intentionally looks for things God has done for her each day.  Her story prompts us all to notice in the small moments what is happening. How is he speaking to me? How is he working in the lives of those around me? How is he using me? 


Susan purchased two jars of stones. One for the things she has already received and the other for thanking God in advance for her current needs and for the answers to those needs. She uses these to praise him for what He has done, but also for what she knows He will do.  


Cindy places her stones of remembrance on the shelf by her front door. When she leaves the house, she’s reminded that God will be with her throughout the day. Her stones are a visual reminder of what He has done. 


Pam uses pictures of her family to sit and talk to God and remember the blessings throughout her life. 


There are so many ways we can implement stones of remembrance into our lives! We can remember God's faithfulness in a variety of ways. We hope you are encouraged by our Sojo members and reminded of His faithfulness in your life. Thank you Sojo members for joining us! 


And we hope you've gotten a glimpse of what it's like inside Sojo Academy! You are always invited to check us out and join us for this month's study. 


Sojo Academy

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