Episode 95 - 4 keys to help implement your spiritual growth

Today we are wrapping up our Beyond Bible Study Podcast Series, where we're talking about spiritual disciplines and how to come up with a plan to grow them.  And we are talking about the four disciplines we will focus on in our Spiritual Growth Accelerator coming up in October. 


In the first two episodes, we did a rundown of 10 spiritual disciplines, explaining what they are, why they are important, and ways to grow them on a daily basis.  The third episode was some real practical tips for how you can make time to nurture them. 


Today we are doing a final episode about four keys to the implementation of your plan.


If you listened to last week’s episode, you have your plan now. You have your schedule. You are starting to pair it with other things. You're praying about it. 




How you you actually make it happen? 


  1. Having a Roadmap


We are about to start our Spiritual Growth Accelerator, and we unabashedly want to tell you about it… because we have a plan. 

We have a proven roadmap. 

A 28 day proven roadmap for establishing habits and spiritual disciplines in your life. It is a way you can implement your plan. 

And you are invited.

Learn more about our proven roadmap at sojoacademy.com/sga


    2. Cultivate solid habits and routines that you can actually keep up. 


You want something that's sustainable, something that grows with you. 


And the cool thing is that when it comes to God's word, prayer, intimacy with him, community, and sharing the gospel, the more we practice these things… the more we desire them!


3. Community 


We can circle the mountain, again and again, for years, trying to get it together ourselves when all we actually need is somebody else to come alongside us and say, “I'm in this with you. Let's do it together”.  That’s accountability.


We have found that with the Spiritual Growth Accelerator in particular, you have literal daily accountability and it makes the community and your faith stronger.


4. Stacking habits


Learning how to stack habits on each other keeps you from getting overwhelmed.

There's a process for it and it can make a huge difference.


We walk you through that step by step.  We teach it and we actually do it together during the Spiritual Growth Accelerator.


Join us now!






If you are ready for some hands-on implementation of this and you want some accountability with Jen and AJ, then we have a perfect opportunity coming up for you. In October, we're going to take 28 days and commit ourselves to this!


We've seen great results with the Accelerator (see our testimonials page to hear about some of them), and we're starting our 3rd annual LIVE session on the first Monday in October. 


Come join us at sojoacademy.com/sga, and spend 28 days with Jen, AJ, and a group of women who are motivated and committed to their spiritual growth.


We would love to see you there! You can learn more about the newly revamped SGA at sojoacademy.com/sga






Momentum Spiritual Growth Guide

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