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Ignite Your Spiritual Journey

Learn from Eight Respected Bible Teachers, Exploring the Sermon on the Mount & Spiritual Disciplines.

In this video bundle, you'll have instant access to video workshops from awesome guest teachers. Four sessions on the Sermon on the Mount passage, and four on the spiritual disciplines that will help you grow in your understanding of this passage and of God. You can watch on your own schedule! See below for the speakers and sessions!


Unravel the Sermon on the Mount:


Step into the heart of Jesus' most significant sermon and uncover its timeless relevance in today's world. Our handpicked teachers deliver personal and compelling sessions that offer fresh perspectives and illuminating insights. In just 20-30 minutes per video, you'll find yourself captivated by Jesus' teachings and equipped with practical applications for your daily life.

Unlock the Power of Spiritual Disciplines:

Embrace the incredible potential of spiritual disciplines as you embark on a transformative journey. Our gifted teachers will guide you through an array of practices designed to deepen your faith and draw you closer to God. With their wisdom and expertise, you'll establish life-transforming habits that nurture your spirit and revitalize your relationship with the your Creator God.



Meet the speakers who will teach through the Sermon on the Mount and share practical suggestions for implementing four core spiritual disciplines. You can watch these on-demand video workshops at your own pace.


Amy Hale
How Bible Study has Shaped My Prayer Life

Many powerful examples of prayer can be found throughout God's Word. In this session, Amy shares how her own personal prayer life has grown stronger and more consistent after studying specific prayers from the lives of Abraham, Nehemiah, and Jesus Himself. She will discuss not only the important principles learned, but also how she has very practically applied them.


Katie Orr
A Deeper Look at the Beatitudes

The Beatitudes are filled with the promises of Christ, but who are they for? And what do they mean, exactly? Through this deeper look at Matthew 5:3-10, we’ll get to the bottom of Jesus’ teaching and it’s implications for our lives today.


Brittany Ann
How to Understand Jesus's Teachings Today

The Bible is FULL of wisdom and advice to help us live out God's will for our lives, but  how should the Bible's commands apply to us today? In this session, Brittany Ann will teach you a simple framework for applying Jesus's teachings to your life today. No need to guess and hope you're right -- learn a simple process to help you understand God's Word with accuracy and confidence!


Lisa Appelo
Amp Up Your Faith Walk with Journaling

Invigorate your Bible study and deepen your walk with Christ through the practice of journaling. In this session, we'll unpack eight powerful benefits of journaling and how to make journaling work for you. Lisa shares her favorite ways to capture and record all that God is doing and teaching as well as a system of margin symbols to organize and find journal entries!


Laura Krokos
The Impact of Seeing God as a Good Father

When we believe God is who He says He is, it affects everything about us; how we see our our stuff, our life, other people, prayer, and eternity. This session will help you gain a bigger view of Gods Father heart and how that influences various aspects of your life.


Melanie Redd
How Worship Transformed My Perspective

As our world gets crazier and crazier, it's so easy to become frazzled. We look around and become anxious. We look to our friends, family members, and prevailing wisdom; and we lose heart. So, where do we turn? How do we regain hope and a positive perspective for the future? Worship transforms us and gives us a fresh perspective on life! Discover how to add more worship to your life!


Kimberly Campbell
8 Ways To Engage with God Through His Word

In this session, Kimberly shares 8 ways to engage with God's Word. His Word is for us to know him better. They are true, life-giving words - pure words. We can know him. Here are tips on how to make the most of your engagement with the Word.


Rachael Adams
How prayer and fasting can transform every part of your life

Discover how simply walking forward in obedience in the areas of prayer and fasting can transform you. Examples of prayer and fasting pepper the Word of God and teach us all we need to know.  Let's look at some examples from people in Scripture (including the ultimate example that Christ give us) and what the results were for them.