Bonus Episode: How to jumpstart your spiritual growth with Sojo Academy

Where did the name come from? Why ‘Sojo’?

Today’s podcast is a BONUS episode where Jen and AJ talk about Sojo Academy, why they created it, their goals and the meaning of “Sojo”. It’s a very special episode and we encourage you to listen because the things we are doing in Sojo are things you need to be doing in your life, even if you don't do it in this particular community!


For those who are new around these parts, four years ago, AJ and Jen had a vision for a special place... a place for women to make real transformations over time. So they teamed up and created Sojo Academy. Sojo Academy is a community of friends who are in love with Jesus Christ. It’s an online space with women from all over the world and a beautiful collection of hearts that bless us tremendously. 


Where did the name come from? Why ‘Sojo’?


Sojo in short stands for Sojourner and it came to both AJ and Jen when they were trying to answer the question: “Who are our people? And what kind of community do we want to create and build?” 


Jen and AJ knew they wanted it to be centered around Christ and His word, of course, but  also wanted it to be an identifier of them personally. And Sojourner stands for people who collectively traverse a foreign land together. 


And that's what we are as believers in Christ on this earth.  We have an eternal home we are moving towards and we're all on this journey together.  


We can remember God has His people literally all over the globe, serving Him… following hard after Him… seeking His purposes and living out His will for their lives.


Sojo Academy is an extra community, an extra layer of accountability, an extra layer of community, and an extra layer of spiritual growth potential. 


Tune in today and listen to Jen and AJ share about their joy and passion: Sojo Academy. And learn how you can be part of this community while you take time to be transformed by God's word.



To learn more about the Sojo community and all the perks, go to If you have any questions, you can DM us on Instagram (@sojosociety) or send us an email at


Arabah Joy is a wife and adoptive and biological mom to four active kids. Her 22 years in ministry include church planting, 14 years of overseas missionary service, writing, teaching, and mentoring.

AJ especially loves sharing Bible study methods and hands-on actionable tools so others can experience the same life-transforming power of God’s word that she has in their everyday lives.


Jen Evangelista is a pastor’s wife to Brad and mom to 4 pretty cool kids.  She has been in ministry with her husband for over 24 years teaching kids, college students and women of all ages and cultures.

Jen has a passion for the local church, missions, teaching, and above all else, the Gospel.  And she loves finding creative ways to dig deeper into God's Word with other women.

Jen is the founder of the Sojo Academy.




Collectively, Jen and AJ have adopted internationally, lived in 5 different countries, gone through medical school, put their husbands through seminary, planted churches, worked as professionals, started their own businesses, served as military wives, and homeschooled kids. Because of this, they bring decades of ministry and life experience to all they do… and they love doing life with you!

Arabah Joy is the founder of the Sojo Academy.


Our strong online community is filled with hundreds of women from all over the world. (THAT is special!!) It is as beautiful and supportive as it is diverse. No matter where you live... when you’re here, you’re family.⁠

We’d love to have you join this sweet community of women to:⁠

  • Study God’s word together;⁠
  • Pray for one another;⁠
  • Participate in workshops, laugh, create, and share together;⁠
  • Encourage one another in the Lord.⁠


Every month the Sojo members have access to a different bible study (written by them!), with mentoring workshops, Scripture Reading and Writing plan, printables, a strong online community filled with hundreds of women from all over the world, and creative & practical worship.


We have virtual parties, we share our ups and downs.

We celebrate victories, make new goals, and take practical steps to grow in our faith... together… so most of all, we become family!

We won't give you a ton of material and then leave you on your own to fumble through it. We are committed to your spiritual development. We are with you every step of the way.



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    It's a 31-Day Scripture Reading and Writing Plan to help you with your reflections and readings of 2 Timothy. In this book of the Bible with only four short chapters, Paul takes the time to encourage Timothy in the faith.
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