Episode 114 - Against the grain: Defying Societal Norms Through Faith

Grab your favorite cup of coffee and join us for today’s special edition of the Sojo Show! You’ll hear a chat with the amazing members of Sojo Academy while we talk about standing against societal norms and how that can be the ultimate act of faith. Our discussion takes us down the path of talking about the extraordinary journey of Mary Magdalene – from her moments of personal shame to her transformation into the first witness of Jesus’ resurrection. 


Mary’s story is a powerful example of courage and faith, showing us how she defied societal labels and expectations to share her testimony.


But that’s not all! We reflect on how we can embody Christ in our everyday lives, drawing inspiration from the stories of David, Moses, and the beautiful symbolism of marriage. Whether it’s facing giants like David or recognizing our dependence on God in our daily struggles like Moses, we’re emphasizing humility and the surprising ways divine strength shows up in our lives.


The highlights of today’s conversation:


  • Mary Magdalene's Journey: From shame to the first witness of the resurrection
  • Defying Societal Labels: The courage to share our testimony
  • Embodying Christ in Everyday Actions: Lessons from David, Moses, and the symbolism of marriage
  • Facing Giants: Recognizing our dependence on God


Tune in as we discuss how the faith-filled actions of biblical figures can inspire us today. We’re encouraging everyone to view their lives through a spiritual lens, embracing the strength of Christ that guides us in everything we do.  


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