Episode 50 - The greatest of these: Practical ways to love others

Today it’s our 50th episode! Yay!! To celebrate, we have something special! 


We are pulling a teaching from one of our weekly Zoom meetings inside Sojo Academy. It is applicable as we stare straight into the face of a holiday season and a new year. And if you’ve ever wondered what we do inside Sojo, this episode will give you a taste of what we do!


Your mission in life is to be a witness to the truth of the gospel.  We are not of the world and to live differently, we need unity among believers. We need to fortify each other. We need to teach each other. We need to encourage each other. We have to strengthen and embolden each other.


We need to love each other.


This episode is centered on practical steps to work towards loving one another.


Give this episode a listen and let God speak to you through it. 


We hope you are encouraged to think about some practical ways that you can love one another well.. 


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