Episode 05 - Holding onto God's promises even when you are scared

What do we do with valid fears? What areas of your life do you struggle with fear or insecurity? 


This week we are starting a new series: Cultivating Unshakable Confidence. 


The only way to have unshakeable confidence is to be aware of and sure of the promises of God and the truth of the gospel.  Over the next few episodes, we will take a look at four different men from the Bible and the things we can learn from their lives to help us build the unshakable confidence that only comes through the knowledge that we are in Christ and Christ is in us.

“How could you not do what you were supposed to do?”  In today’s episode, and first of the Confidence series, we talked about the king Jeroboam and how he was afraid of loss, afraid of losing what God had already given him.


How many times have WE feared loss?


Jeroboam led Israel into idolatry, leaving a devastating legacy. We have to wonder: “What could his legacy have been if he had hung on to the promises of God? What could have been different?”


God was not surprised by his actions, but we can learn from this lesson.


We have choices to make. We can listen to the negativity within us, outside of us and around us, or we can cling to what God tells us in His word. 


Reminding ourselves of God’s promises and His grace on a regular basis will help us do this. Let’s take these examples from scripture and pray to God, as David did in the Psalms “the Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?”


Walking with Christ and knowing God more requires us to speak truth to our own hearts. That starts and ends with the gospel, and the lessons we’ve been given from God’s Word are one way we can stay centered on that truth.



Listener question of the week:


AJ and Jen shared a little about music and bible journaling as an answer for this week’s question: “What is your favorite pastime?”


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Challenges & Resources


We encourage anyone listening to this episode to just do a little bit of self-reflection: What areas of your life do you struggle with fear or insecurity? How can you actively strive to overcome them? Scroll down and download free Journal Cards and use them in your reflections.


  • Study on Choosing Confidence in more depth with a  4-week Bible Study Bundle with a full Bible Study, a printable Bible journaling kit, Scripture reading and writing plan, and BONUS videos FIND IT HERE.



  • Download free Journal Cards below and use them in your reflections: 



“Because WE have choices to make. We can listen to the negativity within us and the negativity outside of us and around us, or we can listen to what God has said in His word.” - Arabah Joy


“The human heart is a perpetual idol factory.’ - John Calvin


“That part of walking with Christ requires us to speak truth to our own hearts. That is part of the discipline of the believer. To replace those insecurities as women… we have a lot of insecurities, body insecurities, relational insecurities, health, financial insecurities… and we have to have a strategy for dealing with them. And the strategy can only be found in the truth. In God's word. His promises.”  - Arabah Joy


“He is our stronghold. He is our strong tower. And but we don't know that until we know God. And the only way to really know the truth of who God is through His Word.” - Jen Evangelista.



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