Episode 6 - Overcoming insecurities to be used by God

Have you ever wondered, “Who am I to do these things?”, “I don't have what it takes to do this.”, “And if I do it, *they* may not listen to me.”

God has an answer for all of these questions when He calls you to do something. And friend, your job is to step forward and do what He is asking, trusting that He's got this.


In today’s episode, the second in our Confidence series, we talk about Moses, and how he felt out of place.  He did not feel man enough fulfill what God had given him to do. But in the end, Moses did not let that stop him. Nor should you.


During our discussion today on Moses’s conversation with God, AJ and Jen identified three different insecurities that Moses had: 1) identity insecurity, 2) inability insecurity, 3) credibility insecurity.


When Moses said,  “Who am I to do this?” He didn't think he had what it took. We all can relate to that, right?  When we stumble over our own shortcomings, weaknesses, inabilities, or unmet expectations of ourselves, we are identifying with this insecurity.


While we may struggle with various insecurities, God's response to Moses is so, so good. He told Moses, “I will certainly be with you,” effectively silencing Moses’s voices of doubt and fear. By the end of this discussion, both Jen and AJ had a takeaway phrase:


“Your insecurities may actually be the reason God is choosing to use you.” - Jen Evangelista

“Insecurity is not relevant to God.” - Arabah Joy.


Don’t miss this jam-packed episode and the hands-on tips for dealing with insecurity in a biblical manner!


For this week's challenge, we just want you to see if you can recognize any of these insecurities in your own life. Review the story of Moses, think about where in your life you've come up with excuses, and remind yourself that we have to trust that He's got this.



Listener question of the week:


AJ and Jen shared a little about the Sojo Academy membership as an answer for this week’s question: “Which Sojo Academy bible study was the most impactful for you in 2021?”


AJ shared her favorite was the Fresh Start study. Here’s why: 


“ I love that particular study because it was a reminder to my heart, that grace is the fuel for our effort. Simply put, Grace fuels our efforts. And for a lot of time growing up in church, I did not know that! I thought my own hard effort and self-discipline and beating myself up when I failed was the way I motivated my heart. And it wasn't until I realized in scripture that grace is not only forgiveness when we fail, but it's power to succeed and to do what's right. And that one truth when it really dug into my heart, totally changed my life. And so the Fresh Start study was just a chance for me to renew my own heart with those truths.” - Arabah Joy.


If you are interested in these two awesome bible studies we mentioned during the episode, you can get them here: Fresh Start 4-Week Bible Study or Becoming Battle Ready 4-week Bible Study. Let us know if it touches you like it touched Jen and AJ.


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“Your insecurities may actually be the reason God is choosing to use you.” - Jen Evangelista


“Insecurity is not relevant to God.” - Arabah Joy.


“I really think that a lot of it goes back to things we were told in our childhood, or in our early adult life, just things that we started to believe about ourselves that maybe had a grain of truth in them, but they should not be limiting factors in our lives. They should not define us.“ - Arabah Joy.


“Then the Lord said to him who has made man's mouth, who makes him mute or deaf or seeing or blind. Is it not, I, the Lord now, therefore go and I will be your mouth and teach you what you shall speak.” It was like God was saying, “There you go: I know your insecurity.” - Jen Evangelista


“You are going to do my wonders.” I love this so much in Scripture because a lot of times God takes our staff- our experience, our education, our life skills, everything that we have become up to that point. And God does something amazing with it. With it, we do His wonders.” - Arabah Joy.


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