Episode 96 - God's Grace: Sojo members explore lessons from the book of Esther

In today’s episode we are chatting with our members from Sojo Academy about the beautiful book of Esther. 


“We felt like we really needed to put this on the podcast because there were some lessons learned that are important for us to remember on a regular basis”


One member shared a very vulnerable story from her past and how just this small book of the Bible reminded her of God's grace and God's sovereignty and got her through a difficult process of healing. We are very honored that she gave us permission to share her story with you. 


Sometimes It's hard to wrap our brains around the fact that biblical characters were real people that actually lived and experienced the things mentioned in the Bible. 


Take about half an hour of your time, no matter what you're doing right now and think about the beauty of God's sovereignty and God's providence.  Let's be reminded of His goodness, as we hear from these special women. 


And remember: God is at work, even when we don’t see it


For Further Study


If you missed, we had an entire month studying the book of Esther. If you want to go back and learn more about this beautiful book, visit sojoacademy.com/esther-study





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