Episode 97 - Overcoming Tragedy Through Faith: Diane's Story of Faith, Love, Loss, and Resilience

In today’s episode we are chatting with special guest Diane Whitfield. Diane is a Sojo Academy member and has a beautiful and powerful story with so many lessons for our own lives that we had to invite her to share with you.  


Diane's life is a remarkable example of faith in action. Her story demonstrates how faith can be a guiding force, helping us navigate life's unexpected twists and turns, even in the face of tragedy.


Diane was saved when she was 12, and married when she was 16, a decision made in obedience and being sensitive to the Lord. 


{NOTE: You do not have to be at a certain age or a certain level of spirituality to hear from God. You can hear from God at any age or stage if you are a believer.}


Diane’s life is such a powerful example of learning how to follow God and how to hear from Him. Even when tragedy hit her life a couple years ago. 


“What could be a tragedy gives God room to make it a beautiful garden of opportunity.” - Diane Whitfield


We invite you to tune in today and listen to Diane’s story of how God helped her on the path she needed to be, and how she had been training to trust God all those years until her first response back to tragedy in 2021..   


“Sometimes we get stuck in bad neighborhoods, so to speak, spiritually. And we need to just realize this is not the stopping place. Keep going. Just go on in faith. God's got a place for us. We're going through it to do something wonderful.”


We have to practice trusting that He is good and sufficient. We need to trust he has us on that path, but that's not the end destination. It’s a practice that we have to cultivate in our lives. 


The lessons you can take to your own life from this episode are countless, here are some of the highlights: 


  • Trust God. This only comes with practice.
  • The key to confidence in God is knowing God.
  • To know God you need to invest time in learning the scriptures, learning about God, giving God the opportunity to show up.
  • There's nothing too little for God to care about.
  • Ultimately God is the priority in our lives
  • Focus on kingdom work and God. Be a blessing. Help others to have that confidence they are on the road to a spiritually good place.
  • Open your Bible. Trust God. Pray.


We encourage anybody listening to The Sojo Show to get into the Word for yourself. Nothing can replace the word of God. The purity of the Word. Just open the Bible and start reading it.  


Meet our Special Guest



I was saved when I was 12. I married when I was 16. It was God's idea and I am so glad I followed His lead. Tim and I were married almost 42 years before he suddenly went to heaven. I am still married to him and still wear my wedding ring. He told me years ago that if he died before me he wanted me to remarry and be happy. I looked him in the eye and said which one? Remarry or be happy? I told him I had too much invested in him to start over. We had a great life and ministry together (he was a preacher, youth minister & pastor) and loved each other fully. We always tried to keep God in the center of what we did. God kept us close so we never left, kept us far enough apart so we didn't harm each other and that was our marriage secret. 

I am training with God to be always battle-ready, to grow a life of prayer, and to be a blessing wherever I am. May I glorify God in all I do.” - Diane Whitfield





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