Episode 98 - Embracing Stillness: nurturing your relationship with God through meditation

In today’s episode we are chatting with an amazing guest Tina, a woman with a unique approach to ministry and a passion for empowering business women. She currently leads a Women in Business small group at her church in Illinois and leads weekly meditations, holding a space for women to come together and sit with the Lord first thing on Tuesday mornings.


After Tina offers profound insights into the meditation practices and how they can be harnessed for spiritual growth and connection with God, she proceeds to walk us  through one of her meditations. Spoiler alert: This was a new experience for AJ, to have someone guide you through a passage. (So, stick around!)


Meditation has garnered significant attention as a wellness tool. We as believers are to look at everything through a biblical lens. 


It's essential to understand that it's not the terminology but the intention and the practice itself. It's about approaching these activities with a biblical filter, ensuring that we align them with our faith. Even the word "meditation" can sometimes seem daunting to believers, but it's a concept and command rooted in scripture. 


In our fast-paced lives, it's often challenging to find moments of stillness with God. Guided meditation can provide intentional moments for us to sit in His presence. When we meditate, we're forced to slow down, be still and really pay attention. 


Now it’s time to practice one of Tina’s meditations! Are you ready? 

  • If you're a journaler, it's a great idea to have that handy because the Lord might speak to you. If he does, write it down. We want to remember it. 
  • Be comfortable, but not too comfortable!
  • Tune in to this part of the show to minute 11:40!


Reflection questions to use during the meditation practice.


  • How do you hear God's voice?
  • What different ways can you write down or can you think of that is how you hear His voice? How does He speak to you?  
  • How does God want you to hear His voice today? Is it the same? Is it different from what you were writing down?
  • God, how do you want us to hear your voice?
  • How does it make you feel that God knows you? 
  • How does it make you feel that He knows you?


Write down all the emotions, the joy that comes with that. If your mind starts to wander, just come back to that breath. Breath's a great reminder that He is just a breath away from us. He's right there. 


  • How do you follow Jesus?
  • How did you follow Him today? How did you follow Him yesterday?
  • How do you follow him? What's that look like for you?
  •  How does He want you to follow Him today? Is there something new? Something fresh He wants you to do?  


John 10: 27: My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.



Meet our Special Guest

Tina is a mother of 4 with 3 grandchildren. She's been an insurance agent for over 25 years and is passionate about serving the Lord. She has stepped into the roles of Sunday School teacher and small group leader throughout most of her adult life as He's called her. She currently leads a Women in Business small group at her church in Illinois and leads weekly meditations, holding a space for women to come together and sit with the Lord first thing on Tuesday mornings. She and her husband, Jim, live on her family farm land, and as a recent empty nester, she has begun to enjoy planting seeds and watching them grow. She loves to spend her free time with her grandbabies, drinking coffee or hot tea and playing board games with her family, and taking walks outdoors.


If anyone is interested in joining Tina's meditation, you can reach out to her at: jolroyd@frontiernet.net




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