Episode 26 - Tenaciously holding on in the waiting

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If you listened to the first episode in this series, “Abiding in Christ and bearing much fruit”, we talked about Jen’s misconceptions of how to bear biblical fruit. Well today, AJ gets real about one she struggles with: patience! 


“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.”


While Jen was struggling with this fruit of the spirit specifically, before she understood that patience it's something that God produces in us, today you’ll hear from both ladies some good news: We don't have to create it on our own. 


Jen and AJ shared this not so glamorous fruit of the Spirit, what they’ve learned from studying about it in the scriptures,  the benefits of patience in our lives… and MUCH MORE!


“But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.” - James 1:4


Patience often comes through waiting and enduring difficult things. Patience is a character of God. Aren’t you glad for the patience of God? We sure are! 


Besides that, there are a great many benefits to patience, such as:


  • Increases our ability to deny ourselves;
  • It allows us to refrain from avenging wrongs done to us;
  • It keeps us from acting rashly or lashing out;
  • It keeps us steadfast;
  • It increases our capacity to endure


Understanding the benefits of patience in our lives can really be motivating for us to say, “Lord God, please do expand my ability to be patient”..


A couple particular instances AJ shared where patience is mentioned in Scripture as being given to us in Christ:


  • When you're waiting on a promise from God, knowing that He always keeps His promises. He is going to be faithful to us and that can boost our patience as we wait.


  • When we're facing temptation, God always gives us a way of escape. We can bear up under those temptations patiently and keep fighting the fight of faith. 


( Also, If you're feeling a little bit like a hot mess, join the club! LOL Let's grow together. That's what we do at Sojo Academy…. We walk together, we are sojourning together. Because really, we are all on the hot mess express.) 


We encourage you to make your own patience “benefits” list and give it some thought. Also, try to align yourself with other people who can remind you of the truth on a regular basis. And think about how you can exercise patience in your relationships, in hardship, in temptation, and in waiting on God to act. 



For Further Study

Read the Bible verses mentioned during the episode: 


  • James 1:4
  • Hebrews 6

James 1:19

Psalms 86:15

Exodus 34:6


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9 printable bookmarks to download


“As they see Christ in us through our patience and steadfastness, we draw others to Christ by being a savory influence in their lives.” - AJ 


“This is a character of God. And so, because this is a character of God, this should be something we strive to see in our lives as well.” - Jen Evangelista


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