Episode 27 - How to be Kind when the world is not

What is something kind that someone has done for you or someone you love?

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Today we are discussing a fruit of the Spirit that we don't see a whole lot out in the world these days. We see a lot of hostility, hatred, and anger. And even though it is commanded several times in the Bible, we do not see a lot of kindness.

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.”


In today’s episode, Jen and AJ had a deep conversation about:

  • How to cultivate the ability to show kindness when it is so rare in a very darkened world.
  • The importance of teaching our children and grandchildren to be kind everyday by displaying kindness ourselves. 
  • How we can strive to be more like Christ and abide in Him so we can develop this fruit of the Spirit. 


… and MUCH MORE! 


God is kind, because His very nature is love. God is love. And we talked about that in the love episode (Go listen here!). Kindness is an outflow of God’s heart of love. 


Remember: you can stand strong in your faith, stand up for what the Bible says, and still be kind. And that’s what's going to catch the attention of a dying world.


And if you are struggling with a callous heart, the good news is: that God can change that. His kindness can soften your heart. 

If you know someone you love who is struggling with a calloused heart, know that they're not beyond the reach of God either. Continue to be kind, continue to show love and grace for them, and pray. We have got to become a praying nation. May the unkindness we see around us drive us to prayer!


We hope this episode encourages you to practice kindness and show the love of God in your realm today.


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9 printable bookmarks to download


“When you love somebody that I love, you're loving me” - Arabah Joy


“Kindness is not just something that  we just put on t-shirts or mugs.  It is something that the Spirit of God will grow in us, and it is possible to produce because it is a fruit.” - Jen Evagenlista 


“If you are struggling with a callous heart, the good news is: God can change that. His kindness can soften your heart.” - Arabah Joy


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