Episode 30 - The underestimated power of meekness

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In today’s episode we are talking about the fruit of the Spirit, GENTLENESS/Meekness. 


Jen and AJ had a special talk about:


  • Why this fruit is also known as meekness; 
  • What is the biblical definition of meekness (it's not the same as our understanding of the English word!)
  • How the word meekness is closely linked with the word humility! 
  • How humbling and submitting ourselves to all things as being from God is at the root of gentleness. 




Did you know gentleness or meekness carries an implication of being deliberate and intentional? Meekness in a biblical stance is not primarily our outward behavior. It's about our inward posture before God.   


As our inward posture is correct, then our outward behavior becomes a reflection of it. 


Biblical meekness basically is our spirit submitting to all things as being from God. 

It’s taking the posture of saying: “God, this is from Your hand. I'm going to humble myself under Your hand and I'm going to let You be the one to exalt me at the appropriate time or to bring about whatever end there is to this.”


Being meek towards your life is an opportunity to take the low road and be humble. Even Jesus submitted himself to God, and to death on the cross.


If you are someone who struggles with understanding the biblical meaning of meekness/gentleness, know that you're not alone! There are a lot of people who do not understand this completely! 

We encourage you to pray for the Holy Spirit to develop this fruit in your life and recognize that this is a way to find rest. Go back to the Bible and note the beauty and blessing of meekness!




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9 printable bookmarks to download


“As we humble ourselves and recognize the reason for our humility, who we are, who God is, then in turn that will develop into gentleness.” - Jen Evangelista.

“Meekness is not being a doormat. It’s not being weak. Meekness is strength.” -AJ




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