Episode 31 - How to become a spiritual athlete

9 printable bookmarks to download

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This is our last fruit of the Spirit: SELF-CONTROL! This is one of those fruits that, although not super fun, is worth the payoff. 


In today’s episode, Jen and AJ had a special talk about:


  • How sports help explain this fruit of the spirit (Paul uses this earthly example of the what's going on in the spiritual realm);
  • How we practice self control 
  • The benefits of self control




Spoiler Alert! Self control requires effort on our part! But the grace of God is our provision to say no, to live self-controlled, to exercise discipline, and to do it every day.


“If I withhold myself from something, or if I exercise self control, I am letting the power of the Lord succeed over the power of my flesh.” 


Remember: As we abide in Christ, and remain in the vine, these fruits are a result He produces.


We don't strive for self control or patience. We strive to abide in Christ. 


Reading the word and praying and living out in community with others makes us more like Him. And as we do that, these fruits will start to flourish in us and we will by default reap the benefits. 



The Fruit of the Spirit Series is complete! Wow! Thanks for diving into the fruit with us during these past 2 months! If you want to catch up on this series, here’s the guide for the Fruit of the Spirit series. They are shorter episodes, but full of powerful reminders and encouragement for all of us: 




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9 printable bookmarks to download


“I can practice self-control. I can do these things that seem almost impossible. Because it's not in my strength, it's done in the strength of Christ in me. And when we stand up in His strength, we can be like that mighty warrior of God.” - Jen Evangelista.




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