Episode 15 - Awakening your heart to worship (Special Episode)

What is it about the personhood of Christ that really brings out the adoration in your own heart?

What is it about the personhood of Christ that really brings out the adoration in your own heart?

Today's podcast is a little different. Consider it a special opportunity to get a sneak peek behind the curtains of one of our community meetings inside Sojo Academy, the online community for Christian women. 


So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy this very special and vulnerable episode! Don't forget to listen to it with an open heart and put yourself in the situations discussed as well, allow God to speak to you through our show today. 


In this episode, we discuss a hymn that magnifies the person of Christ and some of his names. It’s one of AJ’s favorite hymns (she really wanted to sing it at her wedding 28 years ago! So adorable!) 


And the personal reason she loves this hymn specifically is because it meets a core need of the human heart, the human need for worship. 


We all need to look at something greater than ourselves and live in awe of that, which is basically what worship is. Worship is recognizing the glory of something else and living in awe of that glory.


And God really is the only thing worthy of our work. 


So, ready to know which hymn we are talking about? It’s “Crown Him with Many Crowns” by Matthew Bridges. We invite you to listen to the Hymn if you can and pay attention to the lyrics of the hymns- they're filled with scriptures!


One thing the writer of this hymn shows us is how he called his soul to wake into the things of God. Likewise, when we wake up and are dead to the things of God, so overwhelmed by life and by the cares of life, this hymn reminds us how to get our hearts to a place of worship. Sometimes it is hymns that can help us. The same way that this hymn makes AJ want to worship God more and more, we hope that you also have a song that does that for you. 


We encourage you to find a hymn that ushers your heart into the presence of the Lord, into that state of worship and use it. Rely on it to focus your heart, your affection, and your adoration on Christ, our Savior. 


The rest of the episode features our amazing members sharing their hymns and stories. Warning: it gets quite emotional! 



We hope you enjoy this unusual but vulnerable show. It was so authentic and super encouraging for us from Sojo Academy. Oh, and we have something special coming up in the next few weeks as well! 


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“And God is really the only thing that is worthy of our worship. This song meets that human need in my heart for worship. When I hear it or when I sing this song, I immediately revert to worship.” - Arabah Joy.


“This hymn writer reminds us how to get our hearts to a place of worship, and that is by paying attention to what is happening in the heavenly places, as shared with us in scripture. Scriptures tell us what's happening there and we can fix our eyes there and renew our hearts and live in that realm.” - Arabah Joy.


“God is so great. He's creator. He's timeless, he's eternal. And yet he bears wounds in his hands and his feet. “ - Arabah Joy


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