Episode 16 - Everyday benefits of listening to hymns

Singing songs and hymns and spiritual songs with thankfulness in your hearts to God and whatever you do in word, or do you do everything in the name of a word Jesus giving, thanks to God, the Father through him. - Colossians 3:16

In this week’s episode we have a special guest: Laura Susan Cain. Yay! Laura is a dear friend of Jen’s and we invited her to the podcast to help us wrap our brains around the hymns: all the why’s, what’s and how’s! 


We discussed why the hymns should matter to us, how to look at them and incorporate them into our lives. We also discussed why Laura loves the hymns so much and why we should consider listening to hymns and studying them. 


Oh man, so many good aspects to discuss, right? And we didn’t stop there, we also discussed one specific hymn!  Here are some of our takeaways:



  • Hymns can remind us of the goodness of God and the faithfulness of God.


  •  Our brains are so complicated and complex, but music is a way to draw us into remembrance and worship. 


  • Hymns help process the things we are thinking/studying about in the Bible. 


  • The truth that you are learning gets settled in your heart a little bit deeper when you can sing the truths. 


  • Hymns can give you Biblical direction. When you know songs, they can point you back to the scripture it comes from. When you remember the words and the truths, even if you don't remember the verse, or where the scripture is located, it still gives you a direction.



Honestly, the points above are nothing compared to the takeaways you can learn and take to your everyday life from this episode!  


We also discussed the hymn called This is my father’s world” written by Maltbie D. Babcock in 1901.


So this particular hymn gives a particular (and healthy) worldview. It’s easy to become distressed by all that is going on as nations literally rage, and we see it playing out on our screens. It is important to remember that this is God’s world. Remembering our Father created it all and is sovereign over everything is the only way to soothe our souls.


We are sojourners in this world, and are merely traveling through.  It is God’s World, and for that, we can praise Him and relax into the knowledge that all things work together for the good of those who love Him.  (see Romans 8:28)


Listen to the hymn “My father's world”, or just read or sing it to yourself. Be reminded of the truth of His sovereignty and His goodness, and then share it with someone else, whether it's your child, husband, or a friend. Someone could use this reminder as well!


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  • We invite you to download these FREE printables that are beautiful reminders of some of these hymns. They would be a perfect addition to your office or any wall. Click the link below to download the digital files. Enjoy!


Laura Susan Cain is a dear friend of Jen’s and we invited her to the podcast to help us wrap our brains around the hymns: all the why’s, what’s and how’s! 

Connect with Laura on Instagram: @laurasusancreates

Listen to the playlists Laura mentioned below:

Sunday Night Playlist | Hebrews 



“God is the ruler of the world, but he's also the caretaker and the father. He cares for us, like a father cares for his children.” - Jen Evangelista.


“Hymns are helpful for me to share with you as we sing together… like reminding me of truth and me reminding you of truth. That's kind of a community project” - Laura Susan. 


“It seems like the truth that I'm learning gets settled in my heart a little bit deeper when I can sing the truths, so hymns help me kind of process the truths that I'm learning.” - Laura Susan


“When you know songs, it points you back to the scripture. And so you can remember the words and the truths, and then even if you don't remember, or you don't know where the scripture is necessarily, it still gives you direction” - Jen Evangelista.


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