Episode 56 - Your response to God's promises

Welcome back! We are starting a new (and our first!) series of 2023: a discussion on the book of Joshua and how applicable this old testament book actually is to our everyday lives.  


In today’s episode, we share an overview of this book and the leader, Joshua, called from God, to fill the role that Moses had previously filled. This is a significant call on the life of Joshua.


As background, Joshua picks up with the people of God entering into the promised land, a land promised to them, via Abraham, 400 years prior. We see the story continuing from Abraham in Genesis, into the book of Joshua. In the first chapter, Joshua is given the charge to lead these people and take over the role that Moses had been fulfilling in leading the people out of Egypt. 


There is so much hope right there in the very first verse of Joshua 1:1, because oftentimes we feel under qualified for our responsibilities. But God doesn't see it that way because HE is the one who equips us.


Ultimately, faith is a call to action. 


We can't hear a promise or a command from God's word, know who God is, and stay rooted in our spot. We have to take action on what we know to be true. Joshua is a great book to bring alongside our core beliefs so we can evaluate our actions. Do our actions align with what we say we believe?


One of the biggest reasons why we can be secure and confident in whatever God has called us to do is given right here in this chapter. Can you find it? We really encourage you to go and read Joshua chapter one after listening to this jam packed episode. and identify the promises that God spoke to Joshua, because he is the same God and the same promises apply to us. You will find many of these promises repeated in the New Testament for us as believers in Christ. So just take some time to identify what those things are and what it means for you. Ponder how it can transform your walk of faith and how it can prompt you to action. Remember his faithfulness and remember his goodness. And remember that wherever you are, whichever side of the Jordan that you're on right now, he is with you.


See you next week!


Summary of this week’s episode:

  • The book of Joshua is about the leader Joshua, who was called by God to lead the Israelites into the promised land
  • The first few chapters (1-5) focus on the preparation for entering the promised land, chapters 6-12 cover the conquest of the land, chapters 13-21 cover the allocation and possession of the land, and chapters 22-24 cover the call to serve God in the land
  • God gives Joshua a significant charge to lead the Israelites and take over the role previously held by Moses
  • God promises to be with Joshua, just as he was with Moses
  • The story of Joshua transcends just his story, as it also covers the faithfulness and unfaithfulness of the Israelites in their journey to the promised land



“A significant part of being in the body of Christ is to help others fulfill their potential in Christ. Possessing promises is not just self serving. It's not just about how far I can get or the promises that God has given me. It's about helping others see the promises God has given them to0 and helping them fulfill them. Let’s get really passionate about seeing other people succeed and say, “Go. Go! Go do more than I could ever do.” - Arabah Joy

“God is with you. You can be strong because of the strength of Christ in you.” - Jen Evangelista.




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