Episode 59 - Crossing the Jordan and setting up stones: what it means for you


Welcome back to the Sojo Show! Today Jen and AJ are recording early in the morning and once again, AJ is recording the episode from her car!! Anything for the podcast! 🙂


How would you answer this question: What is the current state of your memory? How is it on a scale from elephant to goldfish?


Well, we are talking about memory because in today’s episode, the third from our “Lessons from Joshua’s Life” series, we discuss  Joshua chapters 3-4, when the Israelites actually crossed over into the Promised Land.


 In Joshua chapter 3, we have the Jordan River that they're getting ready to cross. It signifies leaving the old behind and entering into the new promised land that God provided for them. This was a life-changing event where the priests went ahead of the people and the waters literally parted. This is a very significant event!


Then in chapter 4, we see what the Bible calls stones of remembrance. After the Israelites crossed over the Jordan, God tells them to set up a memorial using the stones from the river. 


The parting of the water is the same miracle from when they left Egypt, the parting of the Red Sea. But how long did it take them to forget? Not long. They'd been wandering in the desert for 40 years because they had forgotten God's faithfulness in taking them out of Egypt. 


“you're being commanded to do this not only for you to remember, but for you to remind generations to come. “


There are times in our lives where the Lord has done something significant or we've gone through a very significant event and we’ve told ourselves that we will never forget this day. Yet our memories just can’t hold on to those special events!


We must find ways to “remember” the faithfulness of God and there are many benefits for doing so. How much easier is it for us to trust God when we hear other people recount stories of his faithfulness? Maybe we can't remember specifics of his faithfulness to us at any given point, but when we hear others around us share theirs, those things can trigger us and remind us, “Yes, he did that for me too.”


We encourage you to take time to sit, reflect, be thankful and praise Him for these things and to document them. Document God's faithfulness in your life, and then go back and look at it and thank Him for it.

Screenshot of Jen and AJ recording this episode at 7 am! We are documenting it so we can come back and look at it in a few years!




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“Remembering God's faithfulness and keeping a record of what's happening, the everyday things, without forgetting to look at it through the lens of the gospel. That’s what this reminds us to do.”


“Our testimony is one of the spiritual tools we have collectively as believers to overcome in spiritual warfare. The words that we share about the faithfulness of God, about his work in our lives, those are a spiritual weapon we have at our disposal. And if we are not using it, if we are not hearing how God is working in other’s lives, if we are not sharing how he is working in our lives, then we are missing out.” - Arabah Joy




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