Episode 17 - Cultivating Spiritual Friendships

We are starting a new series this month- yay!  During May, we’ll be doing a series called, Encouragement for Women in Ministry in which we’ll be sharing encouragement from other women in ministry. Our hope is that their words and kindness will be a sort of friendship to all of us.


In today’s episode, AJ started by sharing that her family has had the privilege of welcoming a Ukrainian refugee family to their community recently. She said it was a really sweet time but also made her realize how much caregivers need to be cared for as well.  Jen and AJ reminded us how important it is to have friends who can restore you, who can speak nourishment to your heart, who can be there for you. They mentioned this need specifically for those in ministry.


For this episode, Jen and AJ shared practical ways for when women in ministry feel lonely. You’ll hear tips to implement for getting that peace that comes in knowing that Christ is our friend. 


And remember: Wherever you are, God sees you. Jesus will be that friend you need. We have to continue making sure our identity is in Christ and not in a relationship regardless of what it is.  Christ can be and should be all that we need


Come take this journey with us!




We are challenging us all to take some time over the next few days to really focus on the goodness of God. Maybe it is finding His goodness via his Word. Or maybe it's time alone with Him outdoors..  


Then, text, call, facetime, or go for a coffee date with your friends! Don't take friendship for granted. It’s a beautiful gift.


For our listener questions of the week, AJ and Jen answered a question pretty relatable for this month's series: “What was the first friendship that you remember?” 


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The peace and the presence of God in that moment filled me absolutely full. And it was nothing like anything another human relationship could provide. It was just that connection with God. In that moment, I knew He was, He saw me, He knew me. I knew him. We had a relationship, we had a connection and it was beautiful, and it was at the soul level.” - Arabah Joy


And remember. God sees you. Jesus will be that friend that you need. We have to continue to work on making sure our identity is in Christ and not in a relationship regardless of what it is.  Christ can be and should be all that we need” - Jen Evangelista


“Working on yourself means working on becoming more like Christ through learning who He is to his Word and prayer and the spiritual disciplines” - Jen Evangelista


“And I think that's one of the things that I learned on the mission field is how to really be okay with being alone and having that loneliness in my life, because Christ was all I needed” - Arabah Joy


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