Episode 18 - Practical tips for balancing ministry and life featuring Jawan McGinnis

Welcome back to our May series we are calling Encouragement for  Women in Ministry where we are talking about some of the unique challenges that come with it! 


In today’s episode, Jen has a special guest she talks to about some of the challenges of ministry, especially with a large family.  Woven into the conversation is some powerful advice and practical tips for balancing ministry and life.  


Say hello to Jawan McGinnis! She is a mom of 5, high school teacher, foster parent, amazing friend, and pastor's wife from Georgia. 


“One thing that I really feel like I've learned a lot in that process of motherhood and being a wife is that God is still the God of our mundane and it's a joy to be there.” - Jawan McGinnis.


Tune in today to listen to a woman who finds joy in the “mundane”.   And learn how to navigate moments of stress, even when you are on the verge of tears, selfishness, and maintain your kind heart. 


As Jawan reminds us: there’s no reason to be unkind. 


“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.” -  Galatians 5:22-23.  


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  1. Go outside and be around God's creation. Listen to music or a podcast, while you go for a walk. There's so many benefits from that. So, let’s do it together? Go for a walk, observe and be thankful, mindful, grateful for all God’s creation and the good. Share with us and let’s create a movement.
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Jawan McGinnis is a mom of 5, high school teacher, foster parent, amazing friend, and pastor's wife from Georgia. 

Connect with Jawan on:



“God is still the God of our mundane and it's a joy to be there." - Jawan McGinnis


“What have I been saved from,  what am I capable of? The very worst. And I have been saved from doom and God’s wrath. How can I not, then, be grateful for every moment? That's the balance. The balance comes when I sit back and go, ‘wow, look what I've been saved from and what I've been given” - Jawan McGinnis


“You need to strive to preach the Gospel to yourself every day, that God did send his son to that cross, and he took my sin and in exchange, He gave me His righteousness. We were saved from the wrath of a Holy God. And because of that, I can be more patient, I can have grace for others.” - Jen Evangelista.


“Sometimes when I know that the season that I'm in will be a little more challenging, I have to remember that it has been given to me by God for a purpose and that's ultimately for His glory and my good.” - Jen Evangelista.


“I remember someone telling me early on in my marriage, early on in motherhood, and I often think about it: ‘There's never a reason to be unkind.’” - Jawan McGinnis


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