Episode 55 - Two Questions to Ask Going Into 2023


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New Year! New Season! 


The first week of January is such a cool time to start looking forward. 


In this episode, we will talk about some of the lessons that we learned in 2022, some of our goals for 2023, and give you an idea on how to evaluate your own year, both past and present. 


We want you to come away from this episode thinking through what happened during the last year and what your huge goals are for the next!


Listen with a note pad in hand if possible and jot down your own ideas and reflections.   


Want a spoiler about one of our top lessons of 2022? It’s ok to “feel” like what you're doing is insignificant, as long as you are moving forward! 


See, life is sometimes messy, but In the middle of that mess can be growth.

And guess what? God can use your mess! (this is great news, friend)  We talk about that and so much more.


Listen to this episode with an expectant heart.


We are so pumped for this new year and what 2023 brings! 

Happy New Year. 




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