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The Sojo Show Podcast is a fun and spontaneous conversation between Arabah Joy and Jen Evangelista as together we discover how the study of God's Word can impact our everyday lives.


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The Sojo Show exists to encourage women like YOU to dig deeper into the Bible as we laugh together and contemplate difficult truths in a down-to-earth way.

What they are saying about The Sojo Show

I’ve known AJ and Jen for about a year through SoJo Academy. Each month, we receive a brand new Bible study and go through it as a group, with weekly live calls. The podcast roughly follows the Bible studies but you definitely don’t need to subscribe to Sojo Academy to follow along. But you should join us! I like that they don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s okay to both laugh and giggle and goof but also love the Lord and dive deep into the Scriptures He has given us. Love you guys!


I found this podcast to be incredible encouraging. From my personal walk with God to how to serve my husband in ministry, these women know how to get to the heart of a matter and to point us back to Scripture!

Listening to this podcast reminds me of hanging out with 2 of my friends and just chatting! I catch myself talking back to them often 😆…They help me understand the word of God more easily and serve it up with a laugh or two!

Meet AJ and Jen

We are Arabah Joy (right) and Jen Evangelista (left) and together we run Sojo Academy, an online community for Christian women.

Arabah Joy is wife to Jackson and adoptive and biological mom to four active kids. Her over 2 decades in ministry include church planting, 14 years of overseas missionary service, writing, teaching, and mentoring.

AJ especially loves sharing Bible study methods and hands-on, actionable tools so others can experience the same life-transforming power of God's word that she has in their everyday lives.

Jen Evangelista is wife to Brad, mom to 4 pretty cool kids, a daughter-in-love, and JoJo to the best two grandkids ever.  She has been in ministry with her husband for almost 30 years, teaching kids, college students, and women of all ages and cultures.

Jen has a passion for the local church, missions, teaching, and above all else, the Gospel.  And she loves finding creative ways to dig deeper into God's Word with other women.

Collectively, we've adopted internationally, lived in 5 different countries, gone through medical school, put our husbands through seminary, planted churches, worked as professionals, started our own businesses, served as military wives and homeschooled kids. Because of this, we bring decades of ministry and life experience to all that we do and we love doing life with you!

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Sojo Academy is a monthly membership for Christian women to explore creativity and study God's Word with a global, like-minded community. We invite you to join hundreds of other women walking side by side as we study God's Word and grow in spiritual maturity