Episode 42 - 8 ways the Bible teaches us to pray

Do you have a favorite prayer that you recall from your childhood?

We are excited about a new month and a NEW podcast series with YOU!


If a kickstart to your prayer life sounds good, you’re in great company because even the disciples asked Jesus to teach them HOW TO PRAY. 


In October, we are starting a new series on The Sojo Show Podcast called: The Lord’s Prayer: Learning to Pray How Jesus Taught. Jesus instructed His disciples on what and how to pray. We can learn about prayer as well through this special passage of Scripture.


We kick off the series with today’s episode, in which you’ll hear: 


  •  8 different types of prayer 


  • How to see prayer as a way to process life with God.


  • Seeing God as our authority and sovereign over everything is foundational to our prayers. 


  • Why having an attitude of receptivity is so important! 


… and MUCH MORE! 



God wants us to just talk to Him. Prayer is a connection, a fellowship with God. It is NOT a formula.


Our takeaway for you after listening to the episode is: Just practice! Go through these eight types of prayers and see how you do.  





  • Study The Lord's Prayer in more depth with a 4-week Bible Study Bundle with a full Bible Study, a printable Bible journaling kit, Scripture reading and writing plan, and BONUS videos. FIND IT HERE.



  • Check out HERE the study we mentioned in today's episode: "Becoming Battle Ready" Bible Study.


  • FREE Lord's Prayer Bookmarks:⁠

    One of the cool things about prayer is writing out your prayers. We have some free bookmarks where you have room to write!  You can either use the bookmarks to make a list of these types of prayers or use them to write out your prayers.


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“Praying without ceasing is just processing life with the God who knows all things. It's looking at everything in our lives and seeing Him at work. And sometimes this takes a little bit of effort. It takes a little bit of spiritual vision and eyesight because all good gifts come from Him” - Arabah Joy


“To realize that we have sinned against Him is when confession is important to put into play. Because it’s grace to know that we even have sinned” - Jennifer Evangelista


“When we focus our hearts and our minds on adoring Christ and looking outside of ourselves and our circumstances, it is so liberating and freeing” - Arabah Joy.


“Battling prayer is one of our greatest weapons with which to fight” - Arabah Joy.


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