Episode 44 - Culture, Identity, and Submitting to God’s authority

Welcome back! Today on the show we’re talking about an idea central to the Lord's Prayer. Heads up: It’s a tough topic! We know that from the very beginning, man has rebelled against God and before we were saved, we too were enemies of God. 


Now, those of us in Christ are at peace with Him through the work of Christ on the cross. However, the outward manifestations of rebellion against God’s authority among those who do not believe seems to be more prominent than ever before.. 


It's been a trend that seems to be getting worse.  


As our Creator, God does have authority over all things, but our human nature rebels against that authority. For those of us who know God, we understand how much He actually loves us and cares for us, and this allows us to accept the things we are discussing on today’s episode. We want to show the world the beauty of submission to God’s authority  with humility and grace. 


 In today’s episode you’ll hear:


  • Beautiful reminders for us not to allow all the noise to cause confusion and let God's word speak for itself.  


  • How the rejection of authority over time will affect the future. 


  • A contrast is made between those of us who are living under the authority of God, and those who aren’t. 


  • The challenge to ask ourselves whether we are in the camp of submitting to the Lord and His kingdom? Or in the camp of saying, “nobody's gonna tell me what to do”?


 Tune in today and listen to Jen and AJ discussing the fact that God is all of our creators and yet, we have decided as a culture, we are not giving Him that.


“Only God can define what sin is. And we have to let and allow His word to do that. There has to be a standard, and it has to come from him and not ourselves” - Arabah Joy.



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“Only God can define what sin is. And we have to let and allow His word to do that. There has to be a standard, and it has to come from him and not ourselves. If we would just start there and just believe what he says…that God has spoken and he has not stuttered and just start evaluating our own lives accordingly… we would see ourselves shift with the culture a lot less. - Arabah Joy


“I do think that we have to stand strong in this culture. We are still here and we have to stand strong and be the contrast.” - Jen Evangelista.


“We have to decide now, “I am going to believe God's word and I'm not gonna let the culture interpret it. I'm going to let God's word interpret God's word, and that is going to be my standard, and I'm gonna hold to it.” - Arabah Joy.


“Scripture says we can stand firm on the truth and be a light in the darkness that we live in.” - Arabah Joy


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