Episode 45 - Sermon on the Mount: Life as it could, should, and will be

On today’s episode, join Jen as she teaches on the Sermon on the Mount. The Sermon of the Mount is one of the most well-known but often misunderstood and misapplied passages of Scripture. 


Matthew's 5-7 is the longest recorded sermon of Jesus and often used unwisely as moral standards, maxims and teachings - if we live up to them, then Jesus will accept us. 


This turns the Gospel upside down.


Apart from God’s sovereign grace, we can’t do what is prescribed in these chapters.

Once we have been made alive, these words become a beautiful standard in order that by the way we live together, we are used to display the Gospel.


Tune in today and you’ll hear:


  • What is the purpose of the Sermon on the Mount?
  • Where does it fit into God's overall plan? 
  • How/What should we understand about the kingdom of God?  


When we study the Sermon of the Mount with the right perspective, it is intended to give us a picture of what life in the Kingdom will one day look like by telling us how to live together as a church now.




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“God has given us a picture of life in the kingdom through the Sermon on the Mount, not to navigate life more successfully here, although it is helpful, it will help us to love our neighbors and prepare for the Kingdom above.” - Jen Evangelista


“It should not be our ambition to be as much like everyone else as we can, but rather to be as different from everyone who is not a Christian as we possibly can be. Our ambition should be like Christ..” - Jen Evangelista


“We're ambassadors of the kingdom that is one day coming. “ - Jen Evangelista


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