Episode 70 - Superhero response for when your enemy attacks

Do you have any enemies?  


For many of us, when we think of enemies, we think of Spider-Man and Green Goblin or Thor and Loki, or even thinking back to childhood, Cruella Deville. She was an enemy to us as children watching 101 Dalmatians.  


Well, we are not superheroes, BUT we do indeed have enemies. 


As we continue our Praying the Promises Series here on the Sojo Show, we are once again looking at Romans 8. And today particularly, we are looking into Romans 8:31. 


What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?


This is a short but super duper-powerful verse. For a believer, there are the principalities and powers against us, an enemy in the world that is definitely targeting believers. 


We need to recognize that the enemy has no power over us because of God in us.


The battle is won, but the war is still going on. We know the end result, but we're still here living it out.   


Take a moment to think about who can be against us. It's not just the principalities and powers and the devil and those who are hostile to God, but it can also be our own conscience. The condemnation, the internal angst that we can feel that groans with all of creation because we live in a fallen world.


Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. Our own thinking can attack us and sabotage us. Those are all things that we need to understand that can potentially come against us as believers in Christ Jesus.


Romans 8:31 is the promise on which we can stand. As stated in Romans 8:32: He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things?” He didn’t promise us earthly possessions like cars, houses, or money. He's given us all we need and that’s not just for the future, but for living out a godly life here and now as well.


Today we encourage you to read Romans 8: 31  again and again. Memorize it.  Believe it. Trust it. Even when you don't feel it, trust it.  


That is our promise for today. God is for us.


Extra Helpful Resources

A study to become battle-ready, but recognizing that ultimately, we are not required to, nor could we ever, fight this war in our own strength and skill. 


Look into Joseph’s life as we see the beauty of the sovereignty of God and press in to know God more through accounts He has given us in His Word. 



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