Episode 103 - Why you should make God's promises the center of your prayers

Sometimes we get so caught up in life and the frustrations it can bring that we forget who we really are, right?


We are getting ready to start our 10th annual Praying of the Promises of the Cross Challenge! Yay! This prayer challenge is done over the 40 days leading up to Easter, so by the time you finish the challenge and get to Easter morning, you have a vast understanding and a fresh renewal of God's promises and the provision of Christ. You’ll understand what the resurrection of Christ really means.

But beyond that, this challenge reminds us of everything that Christ has given us. When he gave his life for ours, he exchanged all of our fallenness, our depravity, our weakness, our limitations… he exchanged all of that for all of his perfection. And when we remind ourselves of that and understand it even in the minutest detail, it truly is transforming.

It transforms our thoughts. 

It transforms our behaviors. 

It transforms everything about us. 

It changes our perspective on everything. 

And so that is what the next 40 days are. It's not just a one and done. It's over a period of time. 

This challenge is about remembering powerful promises and praying those promises back to the Lord.

If you join our 10th Prayer Challenge, by Easter, you’ll not only understand God's love for you in fresh ways, but you will know how to pray Scripture and how to use the promises of God to bolster your confidence and fight anxiety. 

The Praying the Promises of the Cross challenge has been running since 2015 and is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of participants all over the world. 




▶ A 40-day prayer plan for praying ONE promise of God a day for 40 days.

▶Our life-transforming 40-day challenge will give you a new understanding of the Person and work of Christ on your behalf. You'll discover the depths of His love for you and uncover the riches of your inheritance in Christ. 

SIGN UP: sojohub.com/promises



If you’d like to level up your challenge, we also have an OPTIONAL accountability group with a toolkit jam-packed with resources for your journey.





The companion Praying the Promises of the Cross Toolkit includes Daily check-ins for accountability! It includes everything you need to get started FAST, stay on track, have accountability and connection during the challenge, and by the end of this prayer challenge, be a man or woman who hears from God. 

This toolkit was requested by our readers and now you're invited to snag your very own printable Praying the Promises Toolkit at a discounted price of just $39 (reg $306)! This price is not available anywhere or anytime else!


▶ A 40-day prayer plan for praying ONE promise of God a day for 40 days
▶ 40 daily devotionals to accompany the verses
▶ A prayer journal walking you through our 4-step process for praying Scripture so you know exactly how to pray
▶ 40 Scripture cards that highlight one word for you to meditate on and focus on throughout the day
▶ Scripture coloring sheets
▶ A LIVE prayer workshop with Jen and AJ with additional tips, fellowship, and opportunity to get your questions answered
​▶ Daily Accountability! You’ll be able to DAILY CHECK-IN with us after you have finished your prayer time each day.










  • The challenge takes place over 40 days, beginning February 14th, 2024, through lent period. 
  • We will pray one promise a day for 40 days.  
  • You can join for FREE or purchase the companion bundle for accountability and to help you stay on track. The choice is yours! 

The most important thing is being in the Word and you can do that even if you choose not to join us with accountability. The challenge is to pray ONE promise a day for 40 days. It’s simple, powerful, and 100% FREE!

It’s designed to help you...

☑️ Learn WHICH promises to pray and HOW to pray them

☑️ Rejuvenate your prayer life

☑️ Reassure your heart that God is in control

☑️ Be confident of His love

☑️ Feel God's approval & understand your inheritance in Christ

☑️ Affirm God's YES over your life




FREE Prayer Challenge leading up to Easter

The 40-day challenge it's an intentional journey toward spiritual renewal based on God's promises in your life.

It will transform your thoughts, your behavior, your perspective, and your life.

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