Practical Tips for Studying Proverbs

What is your most valuable piece of jewelry?

AJ and Jen agree that for them, it’s their wedding ring. But not because of the size of the diamonds; rather, because of the love and commitment it represents.

Wisdom is like that precious piece of jewelry. It is valuable. The book of Proverbs, which is the series that we are now discussing on the podcast, is a great way to get wisdom.

On the second episode of the Sojo Show, AJ and Jen have an interesting discussion about the randomness of the Proverbs of Solomon. They both agree the proverbs can be a little random, jumping from a wide variety of topics, such as  friendship, health,  finances,  parenting, sexuality, discipline and marriage.

Perhaps one of the reasons they really enjoyed studying the Proverbs of Solomon is because it's a little bit of a mirror of our lives - because we are all a little chaotic, a little random from time to time. And here's the cool thing about the book of Proverbs- it was completely and totally inspired by God. Just like our own lives.

So does anybody else feel a little random or chaotic or out of control? Just read the Proverbs and be reminded that God weaves all the random pieces together into a beautiful body of work.


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“The tongue is the outflow from the heart. So that's where we need to focus.” - AJ

“It’s not just a matter of having more wisdom in age, but actually reshaping your life, because with wisdom you're making better choices, good life choices.” - Jen

“We don't have to have it all figured out. We don't need the end all planned out and the path perfectly mapped. We can trust when we commit it to the Lord, He's going to direct our path and the steps we need to take along the way.” - Jen


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