Understanding and Using your Influence

What is something you have recently searched for and why?

We search for something when it is important, right? In today’s podcast, we talk about King Hezekiah and how he searched for Solomon’s wisdom. Did you know that part of the book of Proverbs was actually compiled by Hezekiah? Interesting fact, yes?

We discuss that on this episode and we also talk about the weirdest food Arabah Joy and Jen Evangelista have ever eaten. Because it somehow seemed like it needed to be discussed.

And of course besides that and most importantly, Jen and AJ discuss influence -  whether you're a young mom with toddlers and you're listening to this as you're folding clothes, or whether you're in the pickup line or maybe you're an empty nester - it doesn't matter, everyone has a sphere of influence.

You can be a mentor to others, whether it's your own children or others in your daily life.

Truth is, God has raised up people in every generation to stand for truth and righteousness and to shout wisdom. Whatever position you are in, and especially those who may be younger reading or listening to this podcast, use your influence and run hard, run passionately, put your all into advancing the kingdom of God and being a voice in this generation.

As we connect the Proverbs to the Chronicles and Kings, we also noted how the compilation of historical wisdom was used in order to try to reorient an entire nation back to God. As AJ says,

The end result is not a collection of recipes, but a collection of Proverbs, which happens to be chapters 25 through 29 in the book of Proverbs.”

Of course, we wrapped up the episode by drawing some conclusions regarding what that means for us today. Most immediately, it shows the value in journaling and recording spiritual wisdom, truth, life lessons and stories of God's faithfulness, because that is something that can stand the test of time.

And as we read the young king Hezekiah’s story, we think about how God has put each one of us in places of influence, whether it's in our own homes, at a job, or as a neighbor, we have various types of influences and God has put us there so we can be change agents.


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“Jesus Christ is our redemption. He is our rescuer. Our new identity is in him. That is the culmination… of all discussions.” - AJ


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