Episode 49 - Your Spiritual Growth goals for 2023 and resources that can help

What are some of your spiritual growth goals for 2023? In relation to your Bible intake, what are your goals gonna be for the next year?


You probably are starting to think about the new year, what you're gonna do in the new year, and what your goals are. There's something magical about January 1st and starting new goals. Just kind of a fresh start.... but you really can do this at any time.


Today we are gonna talk about some goal setting,  little tips and tricks, our spiritual growth goals for 2023, and some wonderful resources we have available for you!



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Setting 10 minutes aside to connect and plan your week with God’s word will keep you grounded going into each day.

The Sojo Spiritual Growth Planner is a comprehensive digital planner that includes dated monthly calendars, weekly pages, and a place to document your growth in spiritual disciplines such as Bible study, prayer, worship, and much more! And it’s so pretty!

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  • Study the Book of Colossians in more depth with a 4-week Bible Study Bundle with a full Bible Study, a printable Bible journaling kit, Scripture reading and writing plan, and BONUS videos. FIND IT HERE.



  • Check out HERE to check out all the FREE resources available!


  • FREE Colossians Bookmarks:⁠

    Colossians is one of the most Gospel-rich books in the Bible.

    Listen to the podcast about this book with humility and use these beautiful bookmarks to help you see the beauty of our all-sufficient Savior!



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