Episode 101 - Rise Strong in 2024: Exciting news about Sojo Academy for the New Year

🎙️ Rise Strong in 2024 🚀 


In our previous episode, we teased some exciting plans for 2024, and now we're thrilled to begin sharing those plans with you!


Over the past couple of months, Jen and AJ have immersed themselves in prayer over the plans for 2024.. In today's episode, they dive into the 7 key steps that will be the primary focus of Sojo Academy in the coming year.


We strongly encourage you to tune in to today’s episode as they discuss these 7 points, which are not only foundational, but integral to our identity. Hopefully, listening to this blueprint for Sojo Academy in 2024 will light a fire inside your soul for what your goals are going to be in 2024.



Here's a sneak peek at where we’re headed in the new year:


While we have long been a Bible study community and will continue to be so—recognizing the critical importance of knowing the Word of God—we need to go beyond that.  


We have spent significant time in prayer and contemplation, wrestling with the question of who we aspire to be. This year has presented us with so many challenges, ones that you, too, may be navigating. Living in a fallen world, we recognize the importance of standing together in unity with other believing women to embody the strength of Christ.


 The culture is becoming more and more antiChrist… even within our own homes. There are tensions, battles, internal conflicts, and temptations in our hearts. And we need each other. We need to have a community of people that we link arms with. Together, by God's grace, we aim to stand firm on the ground He has given us, combating the enemy's lies that seek to defeat us, and overcoming temptation..


With this in mind, would you like to discover the 7 steps of the #SojoStrong blueprint? Tune in today to Episode 101 of The Sojo Show… you won't be disappointed!


We hope to see you inside Sojo Academy, where we will welcome you with open arms. 



We thank every woman who is part of the community. We continue to pray for the direction God wants us to go. 


Sojo stands for sojourners and that name comes from Scripture. Believers are sojourners on this earth, but what does that mean? What does it mean for us to live as sojourners? What is our identity?  Who are we becoming? Are we being these faithful sojourners that we have identified with?  



Let’s identify as being sojourners together, with the strength of Christ in us, and stand Sojo strong because of that.




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