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We are just two women, just like you, who know what it's like to struggle with paying our bills from month to month. We have woken in the middle of the night stressed about not having enough money to buy our teenager new shoes or replace a broken faucet.
We know what it's like to have a medical bill due, and no idea how we will cover it. We know how it feels to work and work... and it's just not enough.
We have felt the anxiety of putting the card in the reader at the grocery store, unsure if it would be accepted. We know what it's like to avoid going out to dinner on a special occasion because we might not be able to cover our power bill if we do.
We are just two women, just like you, but we have found an answer.
Here's the thing. We also know what it's like to start an online business. And we have done it the hard way... more than once. We spent THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of dollars (and countless hours) starting ours. See, we have been business partners (and best friends) for over five years and ran successful online individual businesses for years before that (yep, we're ancient in "internet years").
And we now have something that we wish we'd had years ago... The Roadmap.
We finally found a comprehensive course that teaches everything needed to successfully turn something you are good at or passionate about into an online business. We completed the course and implemented the principles and tech. And we believe in it. It's a college-level course... yet any beginner can do it!
Why should you take this chance with us? Because we can help you on your journey. We've been where you are. And we believe in the value of this process. We have been praying that we can guide women in an authentic way... and would love to help YOU.
A bit about us personally. As a career missionary (AJ) and a pastor's wife (Jen), we have spent the last 27+ years mentoring others in their relationship with God. Collectively, we've adopted internationally, lived in 5 different countries, gone through medical school, put our husbands through seminary, planted churches, worked as professionals, started our own successful businesses, served as military wives, volunteered in schools, and homeschooled kids.
We bring decades of ministry and life experience to the women we serve in Sojo Academy, the global community of women we run together, and we can't wait to serve you, too!