Episode 102 - Faith in Focus: The Sojo10 Commitment

🎙️ Becoming a Gospel Force in 2024 🚀 


Welcome back to the last episode of 2024! In this episode, you will hear a bit more about what we have planned for Sojo Academy in 2024. 


Last week,  we outlined our Blueprint for 2024 not just for Sojo Academy but also for our own lives, as we strive to become the women we were created to be and embrace the Sojo Strong identity. 


In this episode, you'll be introduced to Sojo 10. We understand how hard it is to find time just to be still. 


Sojo10 is a commitment to spend ten minutes with the Lord each day, either in Scripture reading, Bible study, art, journaling… there is a lot of flexibility in this program.


A big part of our membership is our sense of community. When we know that other women are also committing to the same thing, that helps us accomplish it. 


And we are going to give all of our members a special resource to help!


Listen to the episode for the full run down, but one of the things that we are most excited about is that starting in January, you will be able to record your Sojo10 using our brand-new Sojo Strong Journal.


Isn't it cool sometimes to have a record of God's faithfulness? To go back and remember where you were, the faithfulness of God. In doing so, it will encourage your heart and remind you about being strong, set apart, and battle-ready. 


We also introduce our EXCLUSIVE Document Your Faith Journey!  You will want to hear about this because it’s a total game-changer… and fits beautifully with your Sojo10! 


We will not shrink back. The enemy will not destroy us. No matter what comes against us. Because of the faithfulness of God and our faith in him.


In 2024, we're committed to going beyond Bible study, as critical as that is.


Let’s become a force for the gospel to be reckoned with. Let’s become women who point others to the gospel, to the Cross. 


Our goal for Sojo members is that as we walk through 2024 together,  we will gain the means to put it all together and have a beautiful tapestry of who we are in Christ. 


Through your #SojoStrong experience, you will be more firmly confident of who you are in Christ and your role in this world.


We cannot wait to start the new year with you..




We thank every woman who is part of the community. We continue to pray for the direction God wants us to go. 




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The Sojo 10 Commitment

Are you ready to add a meaningful touch to your daily routine? Sojo10 invites you to spend intentional, uninterrupted moments with God each day. Dive into scripture, pray, reflect, or simply be still. As a special bonus, we're offering an exclusive printable #SojoStrong manifesto—a reminder of your commitment and strength in the journey. Join us in embracing this simple yet profound practice.

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